Mike "Hammer" Cramer is beggin' for a redo.  Are there "mulligans" at the ABC's?
There's the Bob Cannon "squat".  Who wants a lesson now???
This is a better "Bobber" stroke.  Arm back??? What follow-thru???  Oh..... I guess that's optional when you're a lefty.
Bob watchin' for something good to happen.  Keep staring 'em down, buddy.
Bruce Engler (left) & Chad Schwaiger.  I guess they don't need 2 lanes here.  Uncle Felix's nephew at right <grin>.
Oooohhhh.  A good example of "Hold Da' Pose !!!"  But.... you can't score from here. <grin>  That's only Eggman and Felix's opinion (which is ALWAYS held in HIGH regard, bowling Gods that they are.)
Now I ask you.  Two sterling examples of "Holding the Pose".  Would you want to be the dude on the left or right?  It does not matter, either way you shoot 200 pins under average.  There's holding the pose, and scratching where it itches.
LOL !!!! I can hear Randy now.... "Look at this... Did I or did I not hold the pose... just like this...???"
And then there's the third option... right field.. left field... then there's just plain begging.... (Slimmy looks like he needs a beer).
Who's the old dude lurking under the hat??? Could it be the world famous Mo-Man???
Sometimes ya' just gotta say, "Screw It!!" and go to your strength.
And finally.... All the bowling talent River City sends to the ABC's and THIS is what we get to show for it ??? We need a refund or something....  Alls I know is Felix shot 600...