Splitzter - January 2nd, 2004

  I’m looking at the scores from these past seven days, as I do every week, putting together the article in my head. The problem is, I’m distracted. All I can think about is how much I miss bowling scratch league on Wednesdays. Christmas and New Years Eve wiped them out again this year. I miss the guys, the fun of the game and the “bull” sessions afterwards. The holidays are fun, but I’m glad they’ll bypass Wednesdays for the next five years.

It has been fun, however, being in a different atmosphere around the center these past few weeks. Everyone’s a little cheerier and talk tends to migrate towards plans for the week and whose kids are home from college. And let’s face it. That January-February stretch we’re facing with the cold weather and eventual snowfall is a long, dreary grind. So with that being said, what do you do? You concentrate on your bowling, of course. Championships are won in January and February because the second half of the season begins next week. Everyone starts out at zero-zero. Take advantage of the rebirth and go after it this second half, gang.

With Wednesday-Thursday being out of the mix for the second straight week, we have a different batch of leaders again. The little things matter with the numbers not being there. For example, way to go Tina Bohn. Tina bowls on the Twilight league on the Tuesday 9:15 evening bunch. You have to experience this league in order to appreciate it. The league is all of six teams with three girls on a team. Every week, and I mean EVERY week, they need to be “fetched” when practice play begins. They’re deep into their henhouse mode preparing, I’m sure, for that night’s bowling. Uh-huh.

The biggest problem that comes up is whether they can hear the jukebox when their song comes up. These girls are my favorite league. They come out for a good time, period. Anyway, Tina Bohn ran a four-bagger in her third game and shot a 206, her first deuce ever. That’s just plain fun. She has a 125 average so that also earned her a plus 75 over average award. I love it. The big scores that we see every week tend to drown out the little victories and they’re just as important as the 300’s. A big congrats from the Splitzter, Tina.

An “atta-boy” goes to Kevin Bortz in the Saturday Night Mixed league. Kevin had a real shot at his first 700 when he started with 230-266. The 266 was exactly 100 pins over average so Kevin earned ABC’s century watch for his number. Cool. He needed a 204 to get to seven, but the pressure got him as he finished with a 168 game and 664 series. Still, he’ll wear that watch proudly for the next few years.

Bob Cannon was throwing a left-handed truck Monday night in the N R & G Mens league. He started game one with the first nine strikes and I thought he was going to do the perfecto. He was tempted to make a ball switch on the odd lane around the fifth frame because he didn’t like the ball reaction he was getting. The problem is, how do you switch when you’re carrying. He was tanking the even lane but the ball went longer and longer in the sixth and eighth frames on the odd lane. They carried but, oohhh, what to do in the tenth? Twenty-twenty hindsight tells us he should have changed balls. The adrenaline caught up with him as the tenth shot went three feet longer than expected and he came in light leaving the three pin. Nice run, though, for the 279 score.

Bill Wilson shot the lone 700 of the week in the Saturday Ball & Chain league. This 211 average bowler put together a consistent night with scores of 246-246-216 for a solid 708 number. Second high mens’ series was Chris Barton with 689. Shane Bofia was third with 687. Marolyn Bostelman lead the gals with her 561 series Tuesday night in the Walter’s Collision league. Judy Springer was next in line with 553 and Debby Lesinski placed third with her 536. Gilda Durham had high honors for the week on ladies’ game with a 223 Tuesday night in the Wendt Shoes league.

Just a quick heads up. River City Bowl-A-Way’s website got a major tweaking this past week. The weekly high scores section is now active and updates daily now as compared to, let’s see, not at all. It has the league standings for every league and just recently added the Napoleon High school bowling team weekly results. It can be found at www.bowlaway.com.