Splitzter - January 9, 2003

  The first half of the season is in the books.  It’s time to give a quick recap and see just where our bowling heroes stand around the county.  In honor of my good buddy Hoopster, I’d like to give this year’s most coveted piece of hardware… “The Fluffies.” This prestigious honor is based on high score/average after the first 4 months of the bowling season.

            High average Fluffies go to Shane Bofia at 231.43 in the N R & G Recycling and Karen Zumfelde with her 200.81 in the Napoleon Party Mart Classic.  Honorable mention recipients are J J Westhoven with a 229.24 and Janice Carpenter at 199.22.

            The High game Fluffies have Karen Zumfelde both one and two with her 289 and 278 scores for the gals.  Based on his three 300 games at the turn of the season, Mike Cramer gets the nod for the fellas with Rick Caudill a close second with two perfectos.

            In the High series category Janice Carpenter gets a Fluffy with her 687 series. Shirley Perez was a close second with a 677 number. Rick Riebesel holds the top series spot for the guys with his county high tying 847 series in the Woods Auto league.  Jeff Lesinski garners the second spot with his 823 from September.

            Congratulations to Julie Busch for her sterling 267 third game last week in the Monday Sports Widows league.  Her highest game ever followed warm-up scores of 159 and 191 leaving her with a very nice 617 series for her night’s work.  Nice game, kiddo.  Good to see someone in the family has a little bowling talent.

            Okay folks.  County tournament time is right around the corner with February’s first weekend starting the action.  Entry blanks are at the centers.  Hamler and Deshler have the ladies events this year, Hamler and River City host the fellas.  Last year, the Henry County men had a banner year in turnout and support.  Ladies, I’m going to chide you a bit on this.  This is your tournament hosted by your local association.  Henry county is fortunate enough to have many very strong ladies leagues.  There’s no reason not to participate in your county championships.