Splitzter - January 16, 2003

  What a week for the underdog.  Ohio State beats Miami, the Bengals get a new head coach (…again…) and Diane Abel shoots a 200 score in the Wendt Shoes Ladies league Tuesday night.  This minor miracle breaks the longest continuous streak of sub-200 scores in the history of bowling.  Let’s see… Diane bowls 3 games a night, once a week, 33 weeks a year so the streak was at 9,015 games. I had to laugh at D’s teammates as they told me that she was actually worried that her 124 average would go too high.  Yep, that 128 would certainly be a handful, Diane. <grin>  Congrats on your first 200 game, Diane.

            Along those same lines, plaudits go to Cori Anderson of the Weekend Warriors mixed league.  Cori’s 102 average got a nice bump to 105 after her games of 201-125-96 (422 series). What makes Cori’s night so special is that it came against the vaunted Earl “the Mailman” George’s powerhouse team.  This would be akin to the Lions beating… let’s see…. well, anybody actually.

            Another gal having the hot hand was Linda Rathge in the Walter’s Collision league, also on Tuesday night.  Linda’s 136 average took a 2 pin bump after games of 194-158-191 for a sterling 543 series.  This earned her the coveted 125 over series award.  Nice shooting, Linda.

            Tim Metzger popped a big game in the Wednesday Kurtz Hardware boys with an opening 288 game which was 101 pins over his incoming 187 average.  His 160-206 final tally gave him a very nice 654 set for the evening.  Guess he’s ready to do battle in the Henry County Mens’ Tournament.

            Wally Fraker left the center all smiles Monday night after a big night in the N, R & G Recycling league.  Bowling much better than his 185 average, Wally put scores of 223-268-214 together for a great 705 series.  Not only was this Wally’s first 700 series of the year,  it also earned him the 150 over average award from ABC.  Cool beans.

            A question I’ve been hearing a lot these past few weeks concerning the Men’s State teams and rooming:  Where are we staying and what’s the cost?  The hotel will be the new Ramada Inn in Huber Heights. It’s at exit 60 off of I-75 on Little York road.  The cost is $50 per night, which will be around $57 with tax.  While team captains can pick from many hotels in the area, Pat Yocum picked this because of its on site lounge, conference room and they’ve blocked 80 rooms for us.  It’s also centrally located to the two bowling centers.  On this note, it’s important to get Pat the rooming info back ASAP.

            County Tournament for the Mens and Ladies is starting to book up and prime spots are filling fast.  Get those entries in, boys and girls.  I, for one, look forward to doing battle against by county brethren every year.  It’s also a great time to put a couple teams together and bowl with people you normally bowl against in your league play.  I know I always look forward to bowling with the Hoopster.  No matter how bad I bowl, I know I wont be low man that night.