Splitzter - January 23, 2003

  I questioned this decision months ago.  Jeff Lesinski wants a new ball 2 months ago and simply tells Schwaig, “You pick it and drill it.  Here’s my old ball.  Just copy from it.”  Now you have to realize that Jeff’s been bowling longer than Lenny Clark’s been crabbing about ten pins.  He has bowling knowledge.

When you or I want something new, we research the market, read tons of internet literature.  Shoot, sometimes we post on bowling bulletin boards and spend an inordinate amount of time gathering info before plunking down our hard earned bucks.  But Jeff…nah.  Just drill him something.

            And what does Schwaigman come up with? A PINK ball !!?? Gheesh dude, pink ?  Well after watching that pink ball work for 2 months it’s time for me to get one, too.  Jeff’s been averaging around 235 with it and shot his second 800 series of the season on Thursday’s Woods Auto league.  He strung the first nine in game 1 before his tenth ball finished a bit high, leaving a 4 pin.  Game 1-279.  Game 2 saw a strong repeat of bowling prowess as our hero popped a nice 247 game.  In the evening’s finale, Jeff ran his first 10 strikes but the perfecto stopped abruptly on a Lenny (ten pin).  Game 3-289.  His 815 series was his second career 800, both coming this season.  I can see the price of pink balls skyrocketing next week.  Nice shooting, Jeff.

            Karen Zumfelde had her “A” game going early in the Napoleon Party Mart Classic, coming out of the blocks with a superb 265 start.  She commented after the game that she never finishes well after a big game 1. This may or may not be the case.  Posting scores of 192-205 for a nice 662 series, I would say that’s pretty decent bowling.  It isn’t 756, but its not 520 either.  Nice game, set and match Mrs. Z.

            I can’t leave this story alone.  Todd Druhot had tournament Saturday morning and he had heard that to get the oil out of a ball, one needs to bake it to let it seep out.  Okay fine.  Todd pops it in the oven and gives it a heat treat.  Now when you do that, you use the LOWEST setting on the oven, dude.  You aren’t baking cookies.  Without going into detail, lets just say that his Wolf will never howl again.  I hear Jerry Lee Lewis crooning in the background.  “Goodnesss, gracious.  Great balls o’ fire…”  I’d have paid a buck and a quarter to have seen that.

            Congrats to Shane Bofia for his second 11 in a row award of the season Monday night in the N, R & G Recycling league.  His 230-253-290 set put him just 10 pins short of the coveted 800 award.

            How about those Dawsons Saturday night.  Michelle was sporting a 130 average and proceeds to spank the maples with scores of 176-161-190 for a nice 527 series, putting her 137 pins over average.  Hubby Jeff upped the ante just a tad.  His 164 average bumped up with scores of 232-199-225 for a cool 656 series, that being 164 over average.  That’s a “wow.”

            Randy Elling passes this note along.  He has a few openings on his squad going to Cincy for his Hoinke Singles/Doubles tournament.  The dates are March 8th and 9th.  For those interested his number’s in the book.