Splitzter - January 23rd, 2004

  One of my favorite phrases comes from Stuart Scott on ESPN, “He must be butta because he’s on a roll.” Well, sir… Sherri Beck these past two weeks has been butta. Bowling for the P K Development team in the Napoleon Party Mart Classic, Sherri wrested the top spot for ladies’ high series in the county with a 694 set. Her night started with a spare in the first frame in game one, followed by a six bagger in frames two thru seven. A banging ten pin stopped the string but the resulting 246 game was definitely a keeper. A 190 score in game two slowed her down a bit but a final 256 number left her just short of the magic 700 plateau.

That was a precursor of things to come for Sherri. The following week she follows up the 694 with scores of 225-232-202 for a 659 series. That number ties her for third high series in the county for the ladies this year. Sherri filled in Tuesday night for the Grelton Elevator team in the Wendt Shoes league. She had a solid 597 set with consistent scores of 191-193-213. Yup, I’d say she’s hot right now. I’m curious as to what this Thursday will bring. When she gets rolling, it tends to stick around for a while.

I asked her what the secret to her recent success has been. It seems she’s been using Mike “Hammer” Cramer’s old ball. Now there’s two ways to look at this thing. Either Hammer’s throwing equipment designed for girls or when he’s done with a ball, there’s still a ton of strikes left in it because he hasn’t used any of them yet. I’ll let you decide.

Congrats to Karen Zumfelde who shot big the same night Sherri had her 694. Karen hit ‘em hard with games of 223-215-223 for her 661. That places her second on the gals’ high series list. I think I saw where the girls had five scores that night of 600 or greater. Nice way to start off the new year, n’est pas?

While we’re handing out plaudits for the ladies’, let’s slip Deb Gallagher’s name in there. Deb has, or should I say “had” a 139 average coming into Tuesday’s Wendt Shoes league. She raised it a full three pins that night with games of 156-207-191 for a sweet 554 series. The 200 game was the first she has had in over a year. Nice shooting, Deb.

The guys didn’t have much to talk about this week but Randy Babcock and Clare Valley took runs at 300. Both fellas had their first 10 strikes before fate caught up with them. Clare left a stone 10 pin in the Primerica league Saturday night. Randy pulled his eleventh ball a bit and left a 6 pin in Monday’s N R & G Recycling league. Too bad guys. If either one of you would have pulled the feat off, I could have pointed at you as an example. If you guys can shoot 300, absolutely anybody can do it.

The entry blanks are out for the annual Henry County Mens’ Tournament. Deshler Lanes starts the fun in two weeks with the opening shots scheduled for Friday, February 6th. Get those entries in quick, boys. The squads are filling quickly. Corn City is a grand ol’ time every other year and this season’s edition promises to be another barn-burner.

A note from Randy Elling on his Hoinke Classic squad: He has a couple of spots still available for anyone wanting to join the boys in Cincinnati that weekend. The dates are March 6th and 7th. There’s a 6:15 doubles squad on Saturday, singles squad on Sunday at 11 am with another doubles squad following at 2:30. The cost is $114 for the bowling and Randy can set up your hotel accommodations if need be. Gheesh, sounds like Julie the Cruise Director is on the job. Give Randy a jingle at 592-5365 if you’re interested.