Splitzter - January 30, 2003

  There was quite a bit of hoopin’ and hollerin’ in the Napoleon Party Mart Classic this past Thursday night.  The ladies’ County Hi Series for the year came under attack as two of Henry County’s finest women bowlers took dead aim at Janice Carpenter’s 687 number, posted in September.  Janet Franz started the onslaught with games of 247-183-246 and fell just short with her 676 series.  That placed her third for the season behind Shirley Perez’s 677 from October.  Now if Janet was 1 of 2 bowlers going after the new number, I’ll give you 1 guess as to whom the other from that league was.  If you’re thinking Mrs. Z, your esp is working just fine.

            After last week’s 265 game, Karen kept up the scoring pressure starting out with a 231 in game 1.  Game 2 was the big one of the night as she ran 10 strikes in a row for a sterling 289 game.  Needing a 180 plus game for the 700 series, Karen finished with a 169.  Her 689 series did, however, garner the top spot for the year in the county to date.

Her 289 score was her second of the season, tying her original 289 from October 17th.  This is also the county high score thus far.  Add to this the average increase from 201 to 203, which leads the county, and Mrs Z had a pretty good evening.  Somehow we need to find that magic finishing elixir.  Nice shooting, gals

            While we’re talking NPMC, congrats to Julie Hefflinger for her first 600 of the season with a consistent night’s work.  Scores of 200-204-202 produced her 606 series and bumped her 165 average to 167.

Not to be outdone by the gals, the Hernandez Insurance Classic saw no less than eleven 700 plus series posted last week.  Our old buddy Eggman miraculously led the league, and garnered the top series for the week county wide, with scores of 289-244-288 for a surprising 761 series.  Going toe to toe with our handless hero was Don Keene on the same pair who posted scores of 279-212-260 for a 751 series which placed him second for the week county wide.

John McClure took dead aim at his 300 score in game 1 but fell 1 ball short as he settled for a 299.  He did, however, add games of 236-211 to take the third high series spot for the week with 746.  Looks like everyone’s getting their “A” games out in preparation for the county tournaments, which start this Friday night.  It’s going to be another great time this year.  Entries are coming in fast and furious as the local keglers lay the groundwork for their winning strategies.

An Atta-Boy goes to Steve “Chico” Saman from the Kurtz Ace Hardware guys with his 289 game following a 215-202 start.  You have to watch those lefties.  Sometimes they need a couple games of warm-up before they find the groove.

High scores for this past week (1/22 to 1/28): Karen Zumfelde-289; Janice Carpenter-247; Janet Franz-247; Karen Zumfelde-689; Janet Franz-676; Janice Carpenter-643; John McClure-299; Steve Saman-289; Mark Eagy-289; Mark Eagy-761; Don Keene-751; John McClure-746.

Next week the ol’ Splitzter hits the road with scores and stories from the county championships. Hamler Lanes will be the place to be at 7 pm Friday as tournament guru Hoopster begins the festivities with a 2 hour pre-game show on the proper way to score with a back-up ball.  Immediately following the squad will be his annual dissertation titled, “Why shoot ten pins when five pins are easier”.