Splitzter - January 30th, 2004

  Well let’s see here… Jeff Lesinski had a few mentions in the article this year. Jeff’s wife Debby has had a couple of big nights to get her name mentioned. Daughter Molly is new to the adult leagues and sports a 147 average. While this isn’t a bad number at all, what are the odds of Molly leading the pack of talented women bowlers for high game of the week? While the odds are greater than those of Wendell Hall breaking 550 on Wednesday scratch league, they’re still pretty poor.

Saturday night early shift at River City was cruising along with the Saturday Nite Mixed Doubles about half way through their last game of the evening. Suddenly I hear a muffled yell coming from lanes 1 and 2. No big deal. About five minutes later I hear another yell, this time a bit louder and not muffled at all. Jeff and Debby Lesinski are on that pair so I assume one of them is throwing a number or something. I spy the screens and see nothing spectacular going on with Jeff or Deb. Now I’m confused…. a normal Splitzter state of mind.

Not five minutes pass and the whoop goes up again. Now I see it. Little Molly has a six bagger going. She opened in the first and has x’s up to the seventh. This could be fun. Sure enough, Molly hits her next two frames for the eight bagger with a yell going up on every strike. Cool. She spares in the tenth frame and finishes with a truly awesome 251 game. The first words out of her mouth were, “I think I just broke 500.” That was funny. With her 136-124 start, she shot 511. Her biggest concern was shooting five. I hope she realizes that she had high ladies game for the week. That’s no small honor, kiddo. Nice game.

The Schwaig dude had another nice run at the perfecto Wednesday night in the Hernandez Insurance Classic. The first 10 strikes got him in position but a banging ten pin stopped the run. His 289 final total put him atop the weekly mens’ high game list. He followed with games of 228-215 for a solid 732 series. Pretty good shooting but only second high for the week. Mens’ high series honors went to that golden-armed devil J J Westhoven. J J started his evening with games of 248-247. He wrapped up the evening with 11 of twelve strikes for 280 and fourth high series thus far in the county with 775. Nice shooting, JJ.

Bob Beckwith makes the column for the first time in the Splitzter’s well known long-term memory. The Bobber is a consistent bowler at 194 average but capable of the big number when his shot is on the pair. This was the case Monday in the N R & G recycling league. Bob started the evening with a solid 224 then popped a 268 middle. Finishing strong with a 235 number produced his highest series in a few years with a 727, placing him third on series for the week.

The boys had four other sevens this week: Tom Hoeffel-718, Bruce “Thor” Engler-708; Shane Bofia-703; Eggman-701. The gals had but one six this week with Karen Zumfelde doing it in style in the Party Mart Classic. Games of 202-236-214 put Mrs. Zoomer at 652 last week. Nice shooting, Karen.

Next Friday begins the Battle of Corn City with the Henry County Tourney Team Event storming into Deshler. The Splitzter dons his battle gear with Bruce Engler, Randy Lambert and da’ boys. I can’t wait. Deshler’s always a good time. Get those entries in, fellas. Spots are filling fast and you do not want to miss the fun.