Splitzter - February 6, 2004

  There I’m telling you right now… this ice and snow stuff has got to go. Tuesday night I got sick and tired of the cold so I did something about it. Bottom line, a sunshiny day Wednesday. Most of that nasty ice melted and for the first time this year, I saw pavement. That’s okay. You don’t have to thank the Splitzter but cash donations will be cheerfully accepted.

It looks like the girls bettered the fellas this week for “Splitzter Ink” with big games coming from the hands of Marsha Brandt, Janice Carpenter and Renee Dishong. Marsha shot an initial game 267 in Saturday’s Primerica Mixed league but stumbled to the finish line a bit after that. A middle game 188 and final 169 number left her with a respectable 624. I’m sure after the 267 beginning she expected more of the night but a six is a six so you take ‘em when you can get ‘em.

Janice Carpenter did somewhat better series-wise in the same league with a 250 start. She followed up with 174-207 for high series this week with 631. The 267 and 250 scores, by the way, were also one and two on the hit parade this week for the gals’ high game awards.

Renee Dishong added a very nice 243 number to the board in the Napoleon Party Mart Classic Thursday night. The 243 finished off a pretty fair night for Renee with her 165-201 start. My two dollar calculator tells me that adds to a 609 series. Good game and series, kiddo.
Janice Carpenter also had the other six of the week for the ladies with her 615 in the Party Mart Classic. She was very consistent, to say the least, with games of 200-203-212.

The guys had a couple of nice games this week with Tommy Hoeffel, Brad West and Bob Knapp sharing the honors with 279’s. With that being said, none of our top three heroes broke the 700 barrier with their good games. Dave Meyer, Bruce “Hand of Thor” Engler and Shane Bofia checked in this week with 278’s. Nick “Slimmy” Myers ranked right up there this past week with his 277 number. Bruce alone did a seven with his week leading 712 series (278-237-197).

Andy Phillips was second high this week with a 709 on games of 255-225-299 in the Hernandez Insurance Classic. Roger Mahnke gets the “Atta-Boy” award of the week. Roger with his 187 average was the big man Thursday in Woods Auto league with games of 225-225-257, a very nice 707 series. Very nice, Roger. Lefty Bob Cannon completes the sevens for the week with his 701 Saturday in Primerica.

These next few weeks will be devoted to the Henry County Mens’ Team Event in Deshler. I’m in the midst of grueling negotiations with Henry County Executive Director Clare Valley to get the squad times and teams posted either at River City or on their website. I’ll definitely regale you with stories of heroism and blind luck as it happens weekly in Corn City. The Splitzter will try his luck Friday night so stand by for the news alert.