Splitzter - February 13, 2003

  Let the games begin… This weekend’s action will be the finale of both Henry County Women’s and Henry County Men’s team championships.  Next week I’ll have info on the ladies, so we’ll concentrate on the fellas this week.  It certainly is fun to listen to bowlers coming into River City after their squad and hear stories of what just happened that day.  The best story of the past weekend came from a couple of guys talking about one of Henry County’s best leftys, Mike Schmidlin.

            Mike led his Holgate Metal Fab team to a so-so 3180 team handicap series with a dominant 816 scratch series.  I’m not sure but I’d bet a buck and a quarter that this is the first 800 series shot by a left-hander at Hamler Lanes.  It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.  I’ve bowled against Mike numerous times and always looked forward to the challenge.  Mike’s the type of guy that’s always quick with a laugh whether he’s shooting 260 or 160.  Congrats to my good friend.  Hats off to ya’, buddy.

            While Mike’s achievement was outstanding, Jason Horner took the all-events lead on the same squad.  This hard chucking lefty (gheesh, another one) blew away his incoming 171 average by fashioning an awesome 698 scratch series.  With his 124 pins handicap Jason scored an 822 handicap series.  Nice shooting, J.  The all events leaders going into this weekend’s competition are as follows (starting with third place): Jerry Drewes-796; Jeremiah Westhoven-781; Tim Hockman-770; Ron Gable-762; Spencer Niese-749.

            Geritol Bill’s Boys took a commanding lead Saturday with their 3504 handicap team series.  Led by Denny Boyer’s (212 avg) 711 series, Botjer’s boys showed how to do it with team consistency.  Grandpa Bill Botjer (216 avg) stroked a 710 series in the anchor spot with fourth man Martin Kinder (209 avg) throwing the teams third 700 with 706.  Jim “Beav” Beaverson (219 avg) contributed a strong 656 series while lefty Scott Burkey (197 avg) shot a 602.  That’s strong shooting, guys, and a tough score to beat indeed.

            Hoops Trucking slid into the second high team slot Sunday using another formula.  Take four guys with a high handicap and add one of the best tournament shooters ever seen in Henry County as the anchor.  Stir well and heat to pin busting temperature.  After three hours you get a 3409.  Lead-off man Daryl Fintel (178) set the pace with a 597 series and was plus 63. Ben Bostelman (161) struggled to a 456 but Bill Hoops (157) picked him up with his 531 number, plus 60 pins.  Keith Rosebrook (140) did his job with a 479 series putting him plus 59.  Last but not least tournament buster Dan Hall (214) kept his reputation intact with his 709 series and putting him at plus 67 for the day.

            Other teams on the leader board, from third to seventh are: Harry Von Deylan John Deere-3397; Imbrock Pheasant Farms-3396; Hoops Accounting #84-3377; Kline’s-3355; Hamler Air Tech-3322.  There are two squads remaining before the tournament’s completion.  Friday’s 7 pm is full but a couple of spots remain on Saturday’s noon squad.  Contact Clare Valley, Jon Hoops or Pat Yocom if you want to bowl Saturday.

            Other happenings this week included Linda Welch shooting her first ever 600 series on the Ball & Chain League Saturday night.  HCWBA’s newest 600 club member achieved her merit with games of 189-219-197 for her 605 series.  Rick Caudill, in the same league, threw an initial 11 strikes in game three but tugged the last ball while finishing with a 298 score and an awesome 792 series.  This followed a 732 series in which he shot just three hours earlier in the Saturday Nite Mixed league.  Doug Upell also scored well in the B & C league with a first game 290 score, throwing his last 11 strikes for his award score.  Laura’s going to be one busy secretary filling out award forms this week.

            Next week’s column will be devoted to the final tourney wrap-ups and information on the singles/doubles event.  Good luck this weekend, bowlers.