Splitzter - February 13, 2004

  Lots to do here this week. Let’s get to it. Lots of “Wah-Hoos” went up in Corn City this past weekend as the Henry County Mens’ Team Event opened weekend one. You have to bear with me a bit this week as the Splitzter and Executive Secretary Clare Valley work out the data pipeline. I have the top scores but not the individuals that make up the teams. The Picture Perfect boys take the early lead with a 3254 handicap team score. Lovell Motor Sales check into the number two slot with their 3230 number. Clare’s Pro Shop is one pin shy with their 3229 set.

While the individual numbers weren’t huge thus far, they weren’t bad at all. Clare Valley shot the tournaments only 700 thus far with his 718 Sunday on his second team. Mike Gerken looks pretty good for All-Events thus far with a 688 scratch score, 710 handicap number. Terry Lovell had a 707 handicap score with the other 700 plus handicap number coming from lefty Scott Burkey at 705.

The aging Splitzter was among the multitides last Friday for the tournament kick-off. My 599 wasn’t a world beater, by any means, but it should have been bettter. A couple of missed 10-pins and some late adjustments producing a split or two kept my 700 at bay. All in all, the shot was pretty good and the carry gave me, for the most part, what I deserved. We had a great time. That first day is always a blast. Expectations are high and the leader board is a blank slate. There are still a couple of prime-time openings for those looking to bowl. If you can’t find a team, let someone in authority at the bowling centers know you’re interested in participating and the word will go forth to someone looking for a dude or two. Don’t miss your shot at “Boys’ Night Out.”

I watched Connie Dachenhaus shoot her highest series ever Tuesday night in the Wendt Shoes league. You need to know that for this feat to come about, Connie had to bowl pretty well. She’s a veteran player and has more than a few awards under her belt. Her 152 average took a massive beating that night with scores of 188-151-226 for an outstanding 565 series. That translates to 109 pins over on series. Nice. Congrats, Connie.

How about that Jane Gilson gal on Thursday’s Napoleon Party Mart Classic. While Jane didn’t lead the league in series, she did garner two WIBC awards that night. Starting the evening with a 149 average, Jane produced scores of 171-154 to start before tossing a whopping 254 game for her 100 pins over award and 582 for a 125 over average on series. Good going, Jane.

Marsha Brandt took high honors for game and series last week. Her 183 average took a major bump with games of 199-192-259 for a week leading 650 series. The 259 also was high for the gals last week. Janice “Mr Goodwrench” Carpenter took second place honors for the week with games of 225-256-160 for a 641 set on the Walter’s Collision league. Janet Franz shot 603 with the Party Mart gals along with Janice Carpenter and Tami Bombick’s 600 even sets.

Young gun Chad Schwaiger had the high series of the week in the dudes’ division with a solid 741 Thursday subbing in the Woods Auto league. He looked like he was going to throw an awesome number early with games of 255-279 but a 210 finale kept him to “just” the 741.
Dave “Davo” Burill was second on series for the week but number one on game with his 239-289-203 night for a 731 series. Another start looking for a finishing game. Wuzzup, guys? It’s not like you’re getting tired early throwing two balls a frame. Gheesh. I’ll be glad when you fellas learn to keep up with the shot and learn to move a board or two. <grin>

Other 700’s for the week were: Randy Miller-719; Todd Figy-710; Shane Bofia-708; Mike Rosania-706; Mike Rosania-705. Mike Rosania shot back-to-back 700’s? Is that something new? I can’t ever remember that happening. That proves what I’ve suspected for weeks. Schwaig-dude is putting out an “Old-Guy” shot. That explains Lenny Clark’s 279 Monday night. I guess we need to wait for our Social Security checks to start coming before getting into brackets. I’ll put my bucks on Gene Homan. His hand died many moons ago.