Splitzter - February 20, 2003

  Turn off the cameras and shut down the live video feeds for a couple of weeks.  I sure hope the videotape that ESPN got will air.  I can see it now… ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN-Classic and ESPN-Henry County.  Boggles the mind.  I’ll bet the first commercial for the fledgling network will be from Hoops Accounting. Anyway, the Team Event of both men’s and ladies Henry County Tournaments are a wrap.  Participation was strong with the gals fielding 18 teams, the fellas 48.

            Getting right to the meat and ‘taters of the issue, the top five finishers in the ladies tourney are as follows:  Pin Pirates-2955; Pete’s Fountain-2938; Hoops Accounting-2929; Henry County Bank-2896; Ward’s Snow Removal-2889.  Actual Team High Series and Game went to Henry County Bank with a 2680 and 940 respectively.  High Team Handicap Game went to Pete’s Fountain with their 1043 score.

            The guys paid the top 10 spots as follows: Geritol Bills Boys-3504 ($750); Junge Roofing-3421 ($500); Hoops Trucking-3409 ($358); Harry Von Deylan John Deere-3397 ($269); Imbrock Pheasant Farms-3396 ($213); Hoops Accounting-3377 ($175); Kline’s-3355 ($136); Egg’s Heroes-3355 ($136); Hamler Air Tech-3322 ($109); Classic Products-3295 ($93).  There are listings showing how each team fared posted at the bowling centers.  Also, Eggman promises to have the listings on the River City website by Thursday.  They can be found at www.bowlaway.com.

            I want to call your attention to something new the men did this year that I think was a superb idea.  Last year’s cost per event was $16 with an optional $2 handicap all-events fee.  The guys raised this to $18 per event but this cost includes the all-events fee automatically.  For those who participated multiple times in the team event, the extra $2 goes directly into the team prize fund.  Not only did this generate more bucks so an extra team place could be paid, it also gets everyone into the all-events category.  Great idea, guys.  It had to be Clare’s.  No way an idea this good came from the Hoopster.

            With the team event wrapping up, it’s the time to look to those Singles/Doubles Event entries.  The ladies swing a bit west of Deshler as Hamler Lanes host the S/D.  River City Bowl-A-Way hosts the men’s event with “The Boxer Squad” kicking off the action March 1.  Boxer’s squad is full but there are still openings on all remaining squads throughout the event in men’s and ladies.

            On a personal note: Ye Ol’ Splitzter bowled last Friday for the second time and, as usual, had a grand time.  I even managed to eek out a 297 game sandwiched between a couple of below average efforts.  Don’t even ask about the 7 pin count on the last ball.  I think Junior Mohler put the whammy on my shot.  I’m not sure but I think I heard the words “sissy” and “choke” bandied about. <sigh> Oh, well.  I guess Henry County’s not ready for it’s first 300 with a backup ball. I don’t feel too bad.  At least I didn’t run the first 8 strikes, leave a ringing Brooklyn 5-pin, then miss it.  I won’t mention any names (Randy Elling) but I’ve never seen that one in my many moons of keglin’.

            One last plea before putting the lid on this week’s article.  If you’re a sanctioned bowler in Henry County get into the tournament.  With the Single Membership System that ABC and WIBC are trying to force down our throats just around the corner, who knows how many Henry County sponsored events we’ll have left.  It’s a great time and if you snooze, you definitely lose.