Splitzter - February 20, 2004

  Wow…what a week. Scores started early with Clare Valley posting a superb 759 Thursday in the Woods Auto league. Clare sandwiched a pair of 256 games around a middle game 247 in an exhibition of consistency. He’s been bowling well since he shot the only 700 thus far in the Henry County Team Event last Sunday in Deshler. Bill Weirauch also had a big night with the Woods’ fellas with scores of 214-243-214 to raise his 174 average just a tad by being 152 pins over average.

Janice Carpenter scored her first of two 600’s on the high end that same Thursday bowling in the Napoleon Party Mart Classic. Mrs. Goodwrench was also consistent with scores of 200-226-196 for a league high 622 set. Chris Spangler tied Janice for the honors with a 622 of her own on games of 219-181-222.

Then comes Saturday night. The Primerica Mixed league cranks up and scores are leaping off the screens. Janice Carpenter did her second 600 in three days with scores of 224-210-190 for a 624 set. Tami Bombick gets into the 600 act with her 208-180-220 numbers for 608. That Randy Schwaiger guy checks in with 226-245-238 for a 709 number but the best was yet to come.

Brad West was the center of attention bowling on lanes 9 & 10. There’s a special feeling when the light goes on and you’re in the zone. Bradford was ozoning it that night as he throws 11 of 12 strikes in game one for a nifty 279 start. He continued to bomb the pocket in game two and succeeded in adding a 268 number. The big question of the night was how much he needed for the magical 800 number. Seeking the 253 Brad pretty much answered the call early in starting with his first seven strikes in game three. He needed only to stay clean with good count in the eighth, ninth and tenth frames. No problem for Brad as he finished with a flurry of spares and a 255 game, an awesome 802 series. This was Brad’s first career 800 and one we’ll be talking about for quite a while. It was fun to watch. There wasn’t a bad ball in the bunch. A big congrats, bud.

The Splitzter’s team bowled the mighty Holgate Metal Fab boys Wednesday night in the Hernandez Insurance Classic and a shoot-out was certainly expected. I got to see first hand one of the best young talents in the area raise his game to another level as J J Westhoven was putting on a clinic. J J started his heroics early in ripping off the first 10 strikes in game one. His eleventh ball came in a hair light and of all things, left him a nasty 7-10 split. I couldn’t believe that ball didn’t carry. J J was absolutely ripping the hole. Pins were dancing across the deck. Final game one score: 286.

Game two started with a couple of spares before J J made a move to find the hole again. The pins were leaping off the pindeck again as he threw the final 10 strikes for 279 game. Both teams were scoring well that game with Shane Bofia throwing his first 11 strikes against J J’s boys. A six count on his final ball left Shane with a 296 game with Michael’s winning a hard fought 1233-1197 victory. The current county record is 847 and the calculators came out to see what J J needed to shoot in game three to reach the number.

Starting with a spare on a solid ten-pin leave, J J had the juice going again in game three. Striking in frames two thru seven, convincingly I might add, other teams started paying attention to what was going on. A light shot blew seven pins left, then four right in the eighth to keep the run going. A bomb in the ninth cleared the deck. Two more strikes would do the job. The first ball in the tenth was a carbon copy of the ninth frame as he stroked the hole flush. The eleventh ball rolled beautifully off J J’s hand and the place went silent. It flipped at just the right spot, and ten pins shattered into the pit. He finished strong with a strike for the eleven in a row award and the new Henry County High Series:855. Absolutely awesome, and against the poor Splitzter. I shoot 685 and get crushed by 170 pins. Thanks, JJ. What a guy. I won’t mention the 438 you shot last week in Deshler in the HCBA Team Event.

Speaking of Deshler. This weekend wraps up the team event. I believe Friday is full but openings can still be had for Saturday and Sunday. Scores are down a bit so the tournament is still wide open to win. Picture Perfect’s 3254 is holding the lead for the second consecutive week. Good luck this weekend, boys.