Splitzter - February 27, 2004

  The Splitzter has a burr up his whoop-zee-daisy this week so I’ll be rambling on a bit this session. I’ve talked with many of you these past few weeks soliciting thoughts and I’ve gotten the same answer from bowlers of all averages and abilities. My topic is this year’s Henry County Mens’ Team Event.

First off, let me applaud ALL my brethren who participated this year. Was the shot tough at Deshler this year? Yes. Picture Perfect won the tournament with their 3254 bowled on week one. Great shooting guys. You set the bar early and 45 other teams made a run at you. By the end of the day you stood on top of the mountain and will be immortalized in the HCBA history books. I applaud the bowlers because faced with a tough condition in league, you will whine a bit. But during the tournament I heard not one whine. Sure you commented on the tough shot but you accepted it as a challenge and gave it your best.

One way to tell if you said “no” to the conditions was by not showing up. You showed up. Last year Hamler had an outstanding turnout with 48 teams. Deshler had 46 this year. I personally bowled three times and found the condition tough, but nowhere near impossible. In succession the Splitzter had 599, 647 and 627 and was quite proud of the bowling. I very much looked forward to going this year, maybe more so than in past years, because it looked like the scoring would be tough and the numbers low. It’s fun knowing that if your five guys battle hard, shoot your spares and don’t get discouraged over the odd bad shot, victory can be had. Herein lies my complaint. You don’t try to make the shot better half way through the tournament. You don’t tell the guys that bowled the first half of the tournament, “Oh, we’re making the conditions better so forget the first squads. The next squads are going to score.” If it’s tough on weekend one, it should be tough on weekends two and three. It was, of course, tough on weekends two and three but not by design. I know that Bob in Deeshler is new to the area so I’ll give him a pass on this one. But file this away for two years from now when the tournament returns to Deshler: Don’t change things in the middle. Run the same pattern from the first squad to the last.

That being said, I think Deshler Lanes put their best foot forward this year and a huge “Thank You” to the staff and crew at Deshler Lanes for making everyone feel welcome. I think I speak for everyone when saying that we enjoyed the hospitality put forth and your staff worked their tails off to please the fellas. A special thanks to Barry Rosebrook for his help throughout. For a guy that doesn’t work there anymore, I sure saw a lot of you. And that was very good. Final team results with payouts are posted and can also be found at River City’s website at www.bowlaway.com under the “Tournaments” button.

Shane Bofia took JJ Westhoven’s thrashing of his 847 county high series personal this week as he took a run at re-taking the crown Monday night in the N R & G Recycling league. Shane had a 296 last Wednesday and vowed to better it sometime soon. He did Monday night with an opening game of 297. What the heck, a pins a pin, right? Following with scores of 255-256, Shane achieved Henry County’s fourth eight this season with a superb 808 number. Congrats, Shane.

The Henry County Womens’ Bowling Association Team Event is approaching with Hamler Lanes being the venue this year. The gals have worked hard to get some outside sponsors to kick into the kitty. Have at it, ladies. Entry blanks are out and a good time will be had by all. The cost is $18 per event.

High ladies series’ this week goes to Janice “Mrs. Goodwrench” Carpenter with her 608 and 599 numbers. Sherri Beck was third with her 583. High games were Mrs. G with 226 and 225. Renee Dishong checks in third with her 224.

The guys were huge with JJ Westhoven’s 855, Shane’s 808 and Doug Upell got a new ball and shot 761 Saturday night with Ruth’s help. Shane’s 297-296 lead the game category with JJ and Doug each having eleven in a row 290’s. Wow… big week, indeed.