Splitzter - March 6, 2003

  Phase two begins.  The Singles/Doubles Events for our local associations kicked off this past weekend.  The 95th annual Boxer Squad had River City rockin’, as usual, with 39 doubles teams taking to the lanes.  There was plenty of excitement and more than a bit of bowling prowess shown as the team of Don Mack and Jeff Griggs proved quite formidable. Both Don and Jeff brought in 185 averages from last year.  Don led the way in lead-off with scores of 216-173-234 for a 623 series and 710 with handicap.  Jeff Griggs supplied the big power with his 205-216-265 set for a 686 scratch series, 773 with handicap.  Their 1487 handicap series takes the early lead in doubles.

            Cruising into the second slot was Scott Helberg and Andy Phillips.  Scott was a bit over his 220 incoming average with games of 247-238-193 for a 678 series.  Partner Andy did the heavy lifting with games of 299-248-233 for an event leading 780 scratch series.  Very nice, and good for a 1458 team series.

            The best thing about the Singles/Doubles Event is that after three games, everyone gets a fresh start.  Jeff Lesinski came out smoking.  After an initial 257 game, Jeff turned it up a notch with a follow-up 266 number.  In game three our singles leader struck on the first 10 shots.  A pesky 10 pin kept Jeff from attaining further glory but did, however, give him a nice 288 finale.  Ho-hum… just another 800 series for Jeff this year.  His 811 series is Jeff’s third of this season and career.  Add 15 pins for handicap purposes and there sits our singles leader at 826.  Wow.

            To give you an idea of the feat, second place in singles is Tom Hoeffel with a 745 handicap score.  The 80 pin difference from first to second is the largest I’ve ever seen in this event.  Third place is currently held by Tom’s doubles partner Dan Hall with a 744 handicap set.

            Congratulations are in order for Mr. Tracy Busch.  Tracy shot what I believe to be his third career 300 two weeks ago in the Hays City League Thursday night.  After opening games of 213-235, Tracy found the groove and splattered 12 of them in game three.  Congrats, dude.

            There’s nothing like watching someone throw their first 300 score.  Dave Meyer stepped up to the plate and delivered in game three last Wednesday night in the Hernandez Insurance Classic.  After an inauspicious start (163), our latest hero shot 194 before throwing the perfecto.  He has River City’s second lowest series with a 300 with 657, rivaling Matt Buehrer’s 650.  Now there’s a record to go after.