Splitzter-September 5, 2002


Let’s start this week’s scoring recap with pouring a bit of ink in the lady keglers’ direction.  Carolyn Sonnenberg averaged 147 last season and started the year with a nice 210 game her second game in the morning Rolling Pin League Tuesday.  Diane Ressler had her name plastered all over the awards section of the Wendt Shoes League Tuesday night last week.  Her 214 middle game led the league that night, far exceeding her 156 average.  Plaudits go to 144 average Jo Sands from the same league this week as she banged a big 235 score, also in game 2, earning her the coveted 75 over game WIBC pin.  Nice shootin’ gals.

The fellas have also been bombin’ the scores these past few weeks.  Shane Bofia had a monster year last year, getting many votes for Henry County Bowler of the Year.  He’s starting out this young season hot again.  His first two series’ of the year tallied 719 in the N R & G Recycling League, with a 279 game, and a 758 in the Hernandez Insurance Classic with a 278 game.  Our old buddy Jim “Shooey” Shoemaker has been keeping pace with series’ of 699 & 745 in weeks 1 and 2 of the Hernandez bunch. That’s only averaging 240 boys and girls.  Very cool.  (I wonder what the hand implant cost him???)  Add Don Keene to the list of strokers with a very fine 772 last Wednesday, also with the Hernandez boys.

The first perfecto of the year got tickled but stayed untouched three times last week.  J J Westhoven ran the first eleven strikes, only to meet the dreaded 10 pin on ball twelve.  In the “Match of the Week” the Splitzter himself went head to head against the new kid on the block, Chad Schwaiger.  While your old buddy the Splitzter ran the last eleven strikes in game 1 for a 290 score, Chadwick came within a stingy 8 pin on ball twelve of perfection, scoring a 299 game.  Gheesh, what’s it take to win a game, anyway. Note to self: Don’t crow to Chad ahead of time how he’s going down unless you have an 856 in your bag that night.

A quick reminder that the Saturday Junior Program starts this weekend at 9:00 am at River City Bowl-A-Way.  The cost is $7.00 per week this year.  Team formation is on the agenda that morning so it’s VERY important that your son or daughter be there on that first day.

For those bowlers in the area that are internet savy, River City’s weekly standings can be found at bowlaway.com.  Deshler Lanes posts standings on leaguesecretary.com.  I’m not sure, but I believe that Chucker’s in Wauseon also posts on leaguesecretary.com.

This is the week that the money and tournament forms need to be in at River City for the Ohio Women’s BA Senior Tournament, held in Columbus this year.  The cost is $22.00 per entry.