Splitzter-September 12, 2002

  Good old George Bentley.  George is the only guy Iíve met who can tell you Civil War storiesÖÖ on a first person basis. I guess when youíre older than Moses youíve seen it all so youíre bound to have a few tricks up your sleeve.  How else can one explain a bowler taking the Summer off, not even looking at a bowling ball for 4 months, then tossing a 266 first game score Sunday afternoon in the Nappers league.  Not only was the 266 score 103 pins over Georgeís average, but he followed it up in game three with a 214 score for a very nice 627 series.  Gheesh, George Bentley with a 209 average.  Now Iíve seen it all!  The only blemish in Georgeís day came around 4 PM in the tenth frame of his 266 feat.  The other teamís last bowler completed the game and George, thinking his team won, ripped his helmet off and started beating his chest like Tarzan on a caffeine trip.  But wait, the opposing anchorman had one more ball to throw.  Our heroís team was penalized half the distance so the opposition got to throw the last ball from the arrows.

Janice Carpenter came within a game of shooting the first 700 of the year for the lady keglers Tuesday night in the Walterís Collision League.  Starting the evening with a real nice 224, she found a groove to her liking in game two and posted a big 244 game.  Needing a 232 in game three proved a bit too much, however, as the carry left her game and she finished with a respectable 619 series.  This marks the third straight week of fine bowling for Jan as her 198 average ranks among the countyís highest thus far in this young season.

Shirley Perez has been struggling a bit this year but that all changed Thursday night in the Party Mart Classic.  Starting out with a league leading 255 game, Shirley followed it up with 2 solid games of 199 and 191 for a 645 week 3 series.  Iím not going to mention that she raised her average from 148 to 181 with this one score.  Nope, not going to mention it.

Iíd pay a buck and a quarter to know what Tim Dietrich had for supper Wednesday night before he bowled.  Tim was on fire with games of 247-286-259, just missing the first 800 of the year by 8 pins.  Maybe just knowing he was bowling against Martin Kinder was all the incentive he needed.  Iím not saying that Tim throws a bit on the slow side, but Iíve been told you can read his name on the ball as it goes down the alley.

Thereís one bowler so far that has yet to be below a 700 series with 3 weeks completed this season.  Is it John McClure?  Emilio Mora?  Shane Bofia?  Ahhhh, Randy Schwaiger?  Nope.  How about the Eggman!  The last three weeks heís started game one of the Hernandez Insurance Classic with scores of 267,290 and 279 while posting seriesí of 703,722 and 738 for a 240 average thus far. The hottest bowler in the county?  Who says dumpers canít score.