Splitzter - September 12, 2003

Ah, I just love new pins. There’s nothing like the sound of new wood hitting clean pindecks as the mighty 82/70s set ten fresh, white targets for your next strike shot. The muffled “wump” brings a smile to the ol’ Splitzter’s face. No Schwaig. The “wump” is the pins setting, not my strike ball hitting them! You throw the perfect shot, cross the pre-determined arrow on the lane. Your ball snaps at just the right spot. Here it comes. Your ready for the “crack” the fresh wood makes as the ball enters the pocket. Give it a second. There it is, “BANG”. Lovely. Perfection at it’s finest. But wait. BAH! What do ya’ mean I left a ten pin!? <sigh> Did I mention how much I hate new pins?

I wax poetic starting this week’s diatribe because in the first few weeks of this young season I’ve heard more cries of “ten pin” than normal. Scores are a bit slow in coming but have faith fellow keglers. The wood is loosening up and the tap on the scoring keg is starting to produce.

The ladies had their first 600 last week. None other than River City’s own Karen Zumfelde cranked the number on the Napoleon Party Mart Classic. Putting together solid games of 226-184-203, Karen drew first blood with her 613 series. Good bowling, kiddo.
Right behind her on the Walter’s Collision league was Janice Carpenter Tuesday night. Janice started slow with an opening 166 game but finished in fine fashion with scores of 199-226, leaving her just short of 600-ville with her 591 set. Not bad for her first week back from a long Summer lay-off.

High men’s series for the week went to one of those Lambert boys. Randy Lambert stroked the pea nicely in the Hernandez Insurance Classic last Wednesday. His 269 initial game started the evening off in grand style. He kept his “A” game going while producing a 227-233 finish. His 729 series puts him atop the board for season high series thus far. Nice shooting, Randy.

The lefties were represented for the first time in the 700 category Monday night in the N, R & G Recycling League. Harry “Bushka” Bleschke looked like the Harry of old with his 270-247 start. His 195 finale got him on the board with a very nice 712 series. Welcome back to the living, Harry.

Brad West took high game honors for the week. His 277 game sandwiched between a pair of 201’s produced a 679 set in the Hernandez League. They say timing is everything. Brad was bowling against the mighty Holgate Metal Fab team that night. Without his 277, Michaels would surely have gone down to defeat. Atta boy, Brad.

Randy Schwaiger and Dan Hall shot the other lone 700’s of the week. Randy’s came while subbing in the Wood’s Auto league while Dan did his feat Wednesday with the Hernandez boys.

So there you go. Proof positive that things are improving. If Backup Ball Brad can crack a 275 plus, it has got to be getting better. I defy anyone to argue that point (Really Brad, I’m on your side…buddy…old pal… ). This is the Splitzter, grinning like the Chesshire Cat, saying adios.