Splitzter-September 19, 2002


The Splitzter’s weekly trip through the bowling scores this week shows an alarming trend.  If your name is “Parker” chances are you scored well, bowling wise anyway…..  Case in point, our old buddy Roger Parker was the second bowler this month to put an assault on Henry County’s initial 800 this 2002-2003 season.  Bowling in the Tuesday Night Corn City League in the House of Dumper (formerly known as Deshler Lanes), Roger posted scores of 246-267-267.  Needing a 287 final game he ran his first 8 strikes only to be silenced by a nasty 7 pin on ball nine, “settling” for a 780 series.  Nice shootin’ Rog.

           The other Parker of the week is Tom “Snowtop” Parker.  The Splitzter sees many triplicates throughout the bowling season, usually of the sub-210 variety.  Thomas, however, came within a pin of raising the bar a bit with games of 247-247-246 in the Thursday Woods Auto League.  Now THERE would have been a triplicate to brag about.  Thomas brag??? No, not his style.  It would have been more like this: “Ludee… tell (fill in name here) about my triplicate tonite.” <grin>

            I think I’m going to start a new section of the column from now on called “Janice Carpenter Shot…”.  This gal has been lights out these past few weeks. Her best series of the season came this past week in the Lucky Strike morning league with scores of 236-235-216 for a 687 series, raising her league average to 211 for this young season.  The Splitzter averaged 211 once…. On week one of an eight is great league.

            Hey, how about that Niki Bachman.  The 9:15 Twilight League started Tuesday night and she throws an 8 bagger in game 2 for a 267 game.  Not bad for a 150ish average lady kegler.  Atta girl, Niki.

            Attention all men’s teams preparing for the Ohio State Handicap Tournament.  Our Executive Director, Mr Valley, has the entries ready to go and is distributing them this week around the county bowling centers.  If you want to go, or are a returning team captain, be sure to inquire about your packet if you have not as yet received it.  Entries need to be back in his hot little hands by Thanksgiving weekend., if not sooner.

            Later y’all.  Good luck on the lanes this week.