Splitzter - September 26, 2003

I can't wait. Big doings tonight at the Bowl-A-Way as the Michael's boys mentally prepare to do battle with those pesky Hernandez Insurance fellas in the Hernandez Insurance Classic. Both teams are 10-2 coming into the competition with an early round advantage at stake. You've all been there, I'm sure, at least once in your bowling careers. There's nothing like being in contention for winning a round or half. You look at the schedule and the team closest to you in the standings is your opponent that night. Since we keglers are the pinnacle of sportsmanship I wish our worthy adversaries well. I hope they only miss a few of their many ten-pin leaves.

Squad dates have been posted for the Men's State Bowling Tournament this past week. The Henry County guys have the April squad again, thank goodness. The weekend of April 24th and 25th has been set and confirmed. Pat, Clare and Jon will be getting the captains' packets together sometime in October. More on this as information becomes available.

The ladies had but one 600 this week. Karen Zumfelde sits alone on the list with her 616 last Thursday in the Party Mart Classic with scores of 194-248-174. The 248 game also led the gals in the high game category this week. Her Henry County Bank team mate Shirley Perez bowled second high game with a 243 middle game that night.

High weekly game for the fellas was split between Austin DeGroff and Roger Quay, each shooting 279. We're roughly five weeks into the season and the initial 300 remains ellusive. Austin ran the first nine strikes Monday night before a single pin stopped his march to glory. Emilio Mora, Sr made his run last Wednesday night but stalled in the tenth frame, also.

High series this week goes to, this can't be right, Eggman? Games of 237-251-256 combined to make a solid 744 set, jumping him atop the high county average board at 227.5. The pins have to be loosening up if that dumper is scoring well. Last week's high average leader, J J Westhoven, dropped to second with his 225.5 average after a nice 706 series that same night in the Hernandez Classic. The 744 is county high at this point, besting J J's 743 of two weeks ago. Lefty Bob Cannon is third in county average with a 224.8 in the Monday night N, R & G Recycling League. Mike Cramer, last season's co-Bowler of the Year, did a 737 number with games of 224-246-267 in the Thursday Woods Auto league.

Other 700's this week were: Austin DeGroff 722-N, R & G Recycling; Tom Hoeffel 714-Hernandez Insurance; Matt Buehrer 702-Weekend Warriors.

Sharon Bischoff accomplished a feat rarely seen. Tuesday night in the Wendt Shoes league, Sharon converted the killer 4-6-7-10 split. Cool beans, Sharon.