Splitzter - October 3, 2002

  Many, many moons ago I watched a gentleman in the UAW Tournament throw two 300’s in the same set of 3 games for an 800 series.  This almost came to pass a second time for me in the Woods Auto League Thursday night at River City Bowl-A-Way.  Jeff Lesinski definitely had his A-Game that night stroking 11 in a row in game one, finishing with 296.  He made a few adjustments in game two, finishing with a 228, and set his focus for game three.  Starting with the first 11 strikes once again, a nasty corner on the twelfth ball left him was JUST a 299 for an outstanding 823 series.  While Jeff has had quite a few 300 games, this was his first ever 800 series in over 20 years of league competition.  You wouldn’t think that a guy with a 232 average could improve on it much but the 800 plus series raised it to the meteoric level of 241 after five weeks of league.  Wow.  Congratulations to my old buddy, Jeff.  Nice shooting, dude.

Matt Buehrer was at it again last week in his quest for his first 300 game in the Hernandez Insurance Classic Wednesday night.  Starting his evening with games of 262 & 213, Matt ran eleven strikes in game three but came up just short with a seven count on ball twelve.  His final 297 game gave him another nice 700 series this year, 772, and his third game with at least the first 10 strikes.  Will Matthew come through with his 300 before the season ends?  Shoot, the way he’s throwing that duct-tape repaired ball of his, he’ll do it before the end of October.  Keep at it, Matt.

Marsha Brandt gets the weekly kudos for ladies high game of the week.  Bowling in the Tuesday Twilight League last week, Marsha stroked her 256 game in the midst of a nice 624 series.  Nice game Marsha.

The “We Don’t Need the Guys” award in mixed league competition goes to Leslie Shiver and Janice Carpenter for their performance in the Sureshots Mixed League Saturday night.  Leslie grooved a pretty 643 series with games of 210-202-231 out of the lead-off spot.  Second bowler Janice threw a 629 series with just as nice games of 182-234-213.  That’s an awesome 1-2 punch considering the fellas were outclassed by their female counterparts.  Show ‘em who the REAL power on that team is, gals.