Splitzter - October 17, 2002

  It was bound to happen…… Henry County’s first 300 of the 2002-2003 bowling season.  Last Wednesday night in the Hernandez Insurance Classic Mike “Hammer” Cramer did the deed in game three of his league leading 752 series.  Hammer has been close to the brass ring many times and amazingly enough this is his first career 300.  I had a bird’s eye view of his tenth frame shots and the only thing that was going to stop his march to glory was some type of massive tap.  All 3 balls were squarely buried in the pocket, the right one for once <wink><wink>, which in itself is a rarity for those 300’s that I have witnessed.  Usually a bit of luck is needed when the nerves set in but not in this case.  A BIG congrats to my long time bowling buddy.  They say the first one is the hardest.

            Anyone who knows the Splitzter understands my love of the underdog.  Being one most of my life, I revel in the upcoming talent among us making good and stamping a bit of a reputation on one’s game with solid, consistent play.  I see a possible lady kegler adding her name to the list of Henry County’s finest women bowlers.  Monica Tonjes gets plaudits again this week with a 607 series in the Party Mart Classic last Thursday and a 641 series in the Primerica Mixed on Saturday.  She’s averaging 194 and 198 respectively between the two leagues, which is a huge improvement on last year’s 173 number.  Keep it up, kiddo.

            High ladies series for the week goes to Karen Zumfelde with scores of 224-258-189 for a nice 671 series. This raises her County leading average to 205 in the Party Mart League.  Second high series goes to Janice Carpenter in the Primerica League with a 213-257-188-658 series. While on the subject, high series for the week for the fellas came that same night from teammate Bob Cannon with scores of 257-257-258 for a cool 772 pinfall.  Gheesh… now there’s a 1-2 punch, and on a Ma and Pa league no less.

            Second high series for the men came from the N R & G Recycling League on Monday night as Shane Bofia returned to form.  Tossing games of 267-258-237, Shane bumped up his league leading average to 235 with his 762 series.

            The big scores are starting to come in.  Looks like the gang is shaking off the cobwebs of some Summer bowling inactivity.  Y’all dial in… I’ll get a refill for the inkjet and try to keep up.