Splitzter - October 24, 2002

  There’s nothing quite as thrilling as rooting for that bowler who either by raw talent (Emilio Mora, Jr) or blatant dumb luck (Earl George) runs the first 9 strikes looking for the 300 score.  It’s even more fun when a lady kegler is knocking on the door. Karen Zumfelde had the pins dancing Thursday night in the Napoleon Party Mart Classic as she exploded the first ten strikes of game one.  With the multitudes watching she cut loose the eleventh ball.  As it entered the pocket it looked like another great shot but a wiggling seven pin stopped her run, giving here a darn nice 289 game.  Her fellow league members were rooting hard for her to finish the gem.  It’s been at least ten years since the last 300 was shot by a lady bowler.  I promised Karen I wouldn’t mention her series for the night because she wasn’t exactly thrilled with her game 2 and 3 scores.  I won’t tell but it was higher than a 664 and lower than a 666.  Nice run, kiddo.

            I have to mention Earl “The Mailman” George.  He also took a go at the perfecto Sunday night in the Weekend Warriors League.  Earl started with a cool 279 game and followed it with a 213.  Game 3 saw the first 9 strikes fall as he took dead aim for shot number ten.  As he cut it loose he started to run her out.  Now you have to visualize Earl George running a shot out.  It would be akin to watching an ant crawl through molasses…. And he covered more boards than his ball did.  I’m positive I saw his ball back up into the pocket….well … sort of the pocket.  Let’s just say that he got nine, somehow, and finished with another 279 score.  He did accomplish being second high men’s series for the week with a fine 771 series.  Nice shooting, buddy.

            So, if Earl was second high then who was first?  That award goes to Mr Randy Lambert.  Bowling in the Hernandez Insurance Classic Wednesday night Randy posted scores of 246-277-253 for an awesome 776 series.  You have to give Randy credit.  I wouldn’t have thought that a guy that leaves seven pins on the deck on a strike ball consistently could throw that many strikes but he’s a Lambert.  Who knows how those Lambert boys do it.

            The Splitzters got a quick tip for those of you that throw with grips.  You know, those things are meant to be replaced from time to time.  If you bowl once a week, they should be replaced at least once a year.  Shoot, I chiseled the grips from Vern Bischoff’s ball this week that I put in around 1985.  Gheesh.  You can even double the life of a grip by turning the little bugger around and using the back side.  This works for everyone except the Hoppster.  He needs the front AND back side to get 3 turns on the ball… and that’s being generous.