Splitzter - October 31, 2002

  I always contended that when the weather gets colder, the shot seems to get better.  Add a bit of Halloween and a sprinkle of full moon and there you go, a combination just begging for awesome scoring.   The bowling Gods didn’t disappoint as River City saw four, count ‘em, FOUR 300’s this past week. The Hernandez Insurance Classic saw the first two 300’s to start the scoring onslaught.

Matt Buehrer started his night with his first career 300 in game one.  He’s been close oh so many times this season, it was good to see him finally cash in.  The glory faded a bit in game two with a 191 score but he got his “A” game together in game three with a 265.  His 756 series for the night was second high in the league that evening (to J J Westhoven’s 249-289-246-784) and raised this first year scratch bowler’s average for the year to a whopping 225.  Nice shooting, buddy.

The second 300 of the night was stroked by Jack “Culligan Boy” Carter.  It’s a well known fact it takes Jack a while to get his game going.  While others measure this time period in frames, Jack needs a calendar.  How else can one explain scores of 178-180 coming out of the blocks and finishing with a 300 for 658?  Easy.  That’s just Jack’s game.  Congrats Jack.

Thursday night during the Woods Auto Supply League the bar got raised a bit.  Rick Riebesel was just plain on fire.  Rick threw his first 10 strikes of the evening in game one but a pesky 10 pin on the eleventh ball cost him the perfecto.  Not bad, 289 in game one.  Game two started and Rick lined up again.  This time he completed the task and finished with 12 strikes to score the 300 award.  Gheesh, 23 shots, 22 strikes. The only question was will he stroke the 211 needed for the 800 series.  After a strike, then an open frame (which his teammates stuck him on btw), Rick threw a six bagger to erase any doubt.  Rick finished with a superb 258 finale and scored an 847 series.  That number tied him for the all time Henry County High Individual Series with Shane Bofia who shot it last year.  Super shooting, Rick

The final 300 of this awesome week went to Dan Hall during his Primerica Mixed League Saturday night.  Dan started the night with games of 225-236 before throwing 12 perfect strikes for his game three 300 score, giving him a 761 series.  With Dan fighting wrist problems all season it sure is great to see him pop a score again.  Welcome back, Thomas.

Special mention goes to the Henry County Bank team from the Napoleon Party Mart Classic Thursday night.  The best ladies scratch team in Henry County stroked an 1106 actual score in game two with scores of: Sue Dulaney-158; Veronica Marckel-225; Shirley Perez-225; Kay DeVaux-243; Chris Spangler-255.  Nice game, gals.

Wow…. What a week.  If things stay like this, next week should be even bigger and better for scoring.  Go get ‘em boys and girls