Splitzter - October 31, 2003

EThere are pins rumbling in Deshler. I do tend to get tunnel vision at times and forget our kegler brethren at the House of Dumper. The occasional from Barry reminds me of this. My apologies guys. I found the league sheets on the internet today and bookmarked them.

Dumper sent me a note last night telling me of Bill Botjer’s 299 in game 3 in the Corn City Classic. Geritol Bill started the night with 204-205 scores which gives him 708 for the evening and his third 700 plus series in a row on Tuesday night. As Barry wrote, “He left the 4 pin on the last ball, which everyone knows is the only true tap in bowling.” Yep, I couldn’t have said it better.

While the 299 is awesome in it’s own right, I noticed when checking Bill’s scores for the year that he’s on one of those “Botjer Rolls” right now. His 223 average ties him with J J Westhoven for county high average. Excluding a nasty 574 set a month ago, Bill has had series’ of 778-677-722-758-708. Wow. When that old dude has his hand working, he can sure make the pins dance. Even in Deshler <grin>. Keep her going, Bill. My next call is to my broker to pick up some Geritol stock before word gets out you’re buying by the drum.

The Bun Man was in form Saturday in the Primerica Mixed league. With his full-time coach, Lori Adams, calling the shots, Tony listened well and executed his game to the best of his limited ability. Tony started the evening off with a 268 game, followed with 228, then closed with an 11 of 12 strike 279 number. The 775 series places Bun Man second at River City thus far to Tom Hoeffel’s 847 of last week. It’s too bad that Tony’s warriors that night went down to defeat 3 point to the mighty Cannon-ades. Leftys always win, Tony. You know how that is. Nice shooting, Bunny Boy.

Janice Carpenter finally found her groove and popped her first six of the season, and by a quirk of fate, against Bun Man on that same Saturday. Games of 235-190-204 produced a 629 which led the ladies’ series at River City for the week. Come on, Janice. Now string a couple of those sixes next month and get things going. Marsha Brandt had the other six of the week Thursday in the Napoleon Party mart Classic with a 602.
Other than Tony’s 775 the fellas put 4 700’s on the board this week: Randy Schwaiger (actually bowling on his league night for once)-737; Bruce Engler-730; Tom Hoeffel-707; Scott Helberg-703.

There’s an in-house tournament coming up at River City next month. The Wild Turkey Doubles Tournament has three squads set, all at noon, on November 15th, 22nd and 23rd. Entry fee is $30 per person with the doubles team being made of any mix of bowler gender. One in five teams will be advanced to the state level to be hosted at Main Lanes in Columbus. Ask Schwaig or Eggman about it if you have any questions.