Splitzter - November 7, 2003

Iím not a huge believer in the effects of ghosts and goblins but last week saw such weird happenings that Iím beginning to wonder if I may be mistaken. The weekly leaderboard is awash with new names and faces that rarely reach the top five. The greatest example would be the Monday night N R & G Recycling league.

Doug Upell has been on a roll recently. He finished last season around the 200 average mark and like most others, was struggling a bit starting the new season. Saturday night on the Ball and Chain, Doug stroked a solid 690 set with 212-256-222. Now these arenít the highest scores heís ever shot, but it sure was nice to have a good, solid night on the lanes for once. Then comes Monday night. He starts throwing strikes with no end in sight. The first game Doug starts with a very nice 269 game. He follows with games of 245-247 for a nasty 761 series. After the set, Doug explained that he missed the pocket once all night. Yup. It sure is nice to be on a roll. Nice shooting, Doug.

N R & G also saw AJ Schroeder score his first career 700 series. After a 232-238 start, AJ needed but a 230 to do the deed. Shoot, he had that by the ninth frame. He finished his award winning night with a 244 number and posted a real nice 714 series. When comparing this to his 177 average, this put him 183 pins over average for the night. Congrats, dude.
I have to send a pat on the back to Bob Casper that night, too. Bob brought in a 184 average and earned his 125 plus series award. Games of 183-258-239 posted a 680 series to get him the prize.

Dave Fouty led the league that night with his game one 288 score which was 100 pins over average. This also was high game for the week at River City. Iíd say Monday night was a big night, indeed.

A couple of other names having big nights that normally donít see their name up in lights: Duff Parker scored a 722 series with a finishing 268 game. Mike Saneholtz put together a 710 series Thursday night with scores of 206-258-246. Tim Smith, also Thursday in the Woods Auto league, had the first nine strikes in game three. He finished with a 279 game and also scored a seven with a 710 set. Not bad for a 188 average bowler.

High ladies series for the week: Judy Dennis-582; Janice Carpenter-564; Leslie Nagel-564. High ladies game: Judy Dennis-224; Renee Dishong-210; Janice Lanzer-210; Darlene Hockman-210.

High mens game for the week: Dave Fouty-288; Tim Smith-279; John McClure-279. Mens 700 series this week: Doug Upell-761; Matt Buehrer-746; Jeff Lesinski-734; Clare Valley-731; Tracy Busch-724; Duff Parker-722; Bruce Engler-719; Randy Elling-719; Chad Schwaiger-717; Marvin Kinder-716; AJ Schroeder-714; Tim Smith-710; Mike Saneholtz-710.