Splitzter - November 14, 2002

  The Splitzter spends a lot of time devoting his sage-like words to the individual accomplishments our area bowlers attain.  This week’s opening plaudits will be lavished on the Holgate Metal Fab team bowling in the Hernandez Insurance Classic.  The word “onslaught” hardly does what they did to the pins Wednesday night justice.  Determined to start out the new round on a high note, the Metal Fab Five cranked out the County’s highest five man team series to date with a splendid 3576 score.  Game one saw a solid 1203 game score led by John McClure’s 260 game. They turned it up a notch in game two with lead-off man Barry Rosebrook shooting his first 300 of the season.  Second man John McClure kept pace with Barry’s 12 bagger up to the last ball, finishing with a 298 score.  With that much pinfall coming out of the top 2 slots they finished with a 1257 score and finished up with a mortal 1116 game in game to complete the night.  Awesome bowling, indeed.  The individual series were as follows: Barry Rosebrook 762; John McClure 786, Gene Homan 583, Mike Schmidlin 746, J J Westhoven 699.  Barry, John and Mike garnered the top 3 spots for high series in the league that night.  Nice shooting, fellas.

Hey, did anyone happen to catch the History Channel special last week on the PBA Hall of Fame, hosted by Parker Bohn, III?  If you didn’t see it, find it in the future listings and take the hour to enjoy it.  It featured 10 minutes each on Andy Varapappa, Dick and Pete Weber and one of my personal favorites, the mighty Mark Roth.  I saved it to CD and would love to get it to anyone interested in seeing it.

I can’t swear to it but this has to be some kind of record.  Shane Bofia, up to last Monday in the N R and G Recycling league, had not been below 700 all season.  While nine straight weeks of shooting at least 700 may or may not be a record starting out the season with that kind of string has to be one for the books.  The string ended Monday with a 682.  You have to be impressed with that one. Nice run, Shane.

High series for the ladies this past goes to Teresa Kurtz.  Bowling in the Napoleon Party Mart Classic Teresa put games of 207-254-178 together for a very nice 639 series.  Janice Carpenter came in second for the week with her 634 series with a 236 high game in the Wednesday morning Lucky Strike league.  In the third spot is Marsha Brandt in the Primerica Mixed with her 631 series with a 231 high game.  Nice shooting, ladies.

Only Joe Szozda would trust his game enough to use a 6 year old’s ball the first game of league.  That has to be the reason for his “sterling” 87 in game one Thursday night.  I have to give him credit, he got his 10 pound equipment out the next 2 games and almost got back to his 154 average with 184-176 scores.