Splitzter - November 14, 2003

Please tell me that you watched the PBA telecast Sunday afternoon from Southwyck Lanes. Not just because it was from Toledo but because the PBA was running their ďCĒ pattern for the telecast. The PBA has five oil patterns from which to choose, varying in length from 43 feet to as short as 35 feet. Pattern ďCĒ is 39 feet and is the toughest condition of the five. It incorporates a larger volume of oil placed further down the lane that forces the players to play a more direct line. How do I know this? Iím the Splitzter. I know these things.

Anyway, when this pattern dries out or is pushed down the lane by the bowling ball it gets nasty. Proof of this contention would be the many shots that didnít make it back to the head pin when the fellas missed the mark to the outside. Both strokers and crankers had their hands full keeping up with the drying pattern. Steve Jaros, the default winner if you saw it, adjusted better than anyone by flattening his hand and spinning the ball thru the heads, setting up the shot for late break, and holding the most direct line as possible. On the opposite end of the spectrum we had Chris Johnson, the rookie, just plain horsing the ball thru the heads. On one shot, the 26 year old Johnson lofted the ball just a foot short of the arrows. The finals was an interesting match with the 14 year veteran needing an open in the tenth frame from the rookie to take the title.

Iím leading this week with this info because if youíre a bowling fan you need to start watching the PBA telecasts on ESPN on Sunday afternoons. Theyíve been starting between 1:00 or 2:00 depending on the schedule. Watching the adjustments the guys are making can certainly be useful to us weekly duffers. I particularly liked Chris Johnsonís move to in front of the ball return on the even lane when it impeded his move left. He shortened his steps to next to nil, opened his shoulders at the backswing, and generated ballspeed purely with his leg thrust on the last step of his approach. It was amazing.

If you didnít notice, Emilio Mora, Jr from Defiance made the round of 32 in Toledo this week. Too bad he ran into eventual tournament winner Steve Jaros in his best of seven qualifying match play. Steve popped games of 269-268 at E junior and he never recovered after that. Still, to make the cut is impressive when weíre talking of a guy we sometimes see on a weekly basis. Congrats E.

Okay, enough of this PBA prattle. What about the local stuff? Paul Simon had high game for the week with a 299 in the Primerica Mixed Saturday night. Paulís game one attempt at perfection came to an end on his twelfth ball Brooklyn that didnít quite fall. Thatís funny, considering that his tenth ball Brooklyn worked just fine. I donít understand this rash of dudes going Brooklyn in the tenth frame 300 runs.

I canít let Scott Langeís 279 pass without comment. Olí Scotty threw 11 of 12 strikes that game, and looked pretty good doing it. I guess my grief comes from the mid-game 5-pin leave. He did finish the night with a 717 series which tied him for second in the league that night and the same spot on River Cityís weekly honors. Chad Schwaiger and the Eggman shared 11 in a row honors this past week with both boys leaving 10 pins in the first game to keep them from 300 glory.

Tami Bombick made a nice run Saturday night in throwing her first seven strikes. She ended the game with a 246, high for the ladies this week, and finished with a 600 series. Nice game, kiddo.

High ladies series scores for the week: Janice Carpenter-630; Marsha Brandt-627; Tami Bombick-600. Hi Game: Tami Bombick-246; Marsha Brandt-244; Janice Carpenter-226; Arlene McCague-225; Denine Cramer-225.

Hi mens series: Mike Rosania-723; Scott Lange-717; Mike Fry-717; Fred Thompson-711; Kyle Buehrer-704; John Frysinger-704; Paul Simon-703. High game: Paul Simon-299; Chad Schwaiger-290; Mark Eagy-290; Jim Hayner-279; Scott Lange-279.