Splitzter - November 21, 2002

Todd Bischoff….. what can one say?  Some bowlers are born with bowling prowess.  Others have it despite their lineage.  Not many can focus, let alone bowl, at 2 am but Todd likes that oil pattern that has had a million games bowled on it.  After games of 249-170 in the Nite Owls midnight league, Todd began his climb to glory.  In game 3 he struck long and hard for the first 10 shots.  Beauties…all of them.  He could suppress the Lois in him no longer.  I swear he found religion in the 11th frame as the shot from hell fell from his hand, literally, and he went to his knees.  As the ball lumbered to the pins the bowling gods voted 5 to 4 to let him carry.  One to go and bowling immortality would be his. Don’t be bitter Todd…. You almost carried that 3 pin.  It was a great run and the 718 series definitely is a feather in your cap.  Nice game, buddy.

When I’m struggling a bit with my game during league I have fellas I watch to remind me how to execute certain points.  The timing of Randy Schwaiger, the swing and reach of Bruce Engler, the footwork of Tom Hoeffel and the roll-release of Randy Lambert.  When monsieur Lambert is on his “A” game the results can be astronomical.  When he has that “Lambert” roll working I’d pay a buck and a quarter to watch how the pins mix with that light pocket shot he loves so much. Wednesday during the Hernandez Insurance Classic Randy had ‘em dancing as he started the evening with a solid 300 game.  After his monstrous start he cooled a bit with 223-234 follow-up games giving him a VERY nice 757 series.  Congrats Randy.

High game and series for the week in the gal division both come from the Napoleon Party Mart Classic league last week.  Marsha Brandt banged a big 256 game in game three while scoring 601 for the evening.  Sherri Beck took high series honors with a 647.  Her 213-204-230 scores helped give the ol’ average a kick from 182 to 185 for the year.  Nice shooting, ladies.

Something a bit strange at Deshler Lanes last week during the Corn City League.  In order from top to bottom bowlers Denny Boyer, Chet Phillips, Doc Westendorf, Scott Burkey and Roger Parker shot scores of 201-202-203-204-205.  Scott threw a double and 1 count in the 10th and Roger threw a double gutter for the 205.  Wuzzup with that ????

The bell is tolling announcing the deadline for getting Mens’ State entry forms in to Hoopster.  Sunday the 24th is the deadline for forms AND money.  Get this done, boys.  Hoopster says he’ll drop by River City Monday night to pick up any entries that are a day late but Monday is the last day.