Splitzter - November 28, 2002

I’d say something about Bob Cannon’s 764 series (with a 280 game) Monday night in the N R & G League and how it was high for the week…. But he’s left handed and he’s expected to do that.  And since Bob is two years short of reading without pictures and the Senior Tour, I’ll put this week’s target on Bob’s fellow scratch league teammate Roger Quay.

          Roger’s beeen around along time……. A loooong time (since the birth of keggling).  He’s the only scratch bowler I know that weighs 110 pounds and 80 of it is pure hand.   Since rebounding from his paw injury last year his game has been there some nights and gone others.  Apparently Rog can only bowl when his instructor/wife is in da building because he’s been on fire in the Primerica Mixed doubles league on Saturday.  Starting with a decent 246 game Roger hit 11 of 12 strikes in game 2 for a cool 279 game.  Finishing with a strong 232 game, Roger was smiling at his 757 series.  Nice shooting, Roger.

          Week 10 and the Schwaiger watch continues.  If you loved playing “Where’s Waldo?”, you should attempt Randy’s weekly game of “Where’s Carry?”  The eighth ball of the season was used last week and his carry DID improve, from leaving 10 pins to head pins… good idea… easier to shoot!

          Nohing really huge for the gals this week, although Monica Tonjes had a nice night Saturday in mixed doubles.  Her 256 game led the lady keglers in high game for the week and placed her tied for third in high weekly series with a 629 set.  Janice Carpenter checked into the second slot for high game with a 244 score and also shot 629 series.  High series for the week went to Janet Franz with her 639 series in the Napoleon Party Mart Classic.  Sherri Beck gets the second place award with her 636 set, also in the Party Mart competition.

          When I grow up ( yeah, like that will ever happen!), I want to be like Rick Caudill.  At least my bowling ability, anyway.  I just don’t understand the physics of his game.  I mean, where others measure ball speed by the time it takes to get to the pins in seconds, on Rick I’ve seen a calendar put to use.  Not that his ball is THAT slow, but you can read his name on it as it floats down the lane.  But it works.  Boy.. does it work.  He shoots a 743 in Wednesday nite’s Hernandez Classic and betters it with a 762 the next night in the Woods Auto league. I guess some things ya’ just gotta accept.

          A quick congrats to Sue Dulaney and her 243 game Thursday night.  That’s 92 pins over her 151 average and her 562 series was 109 plus average for the night.  Nice going, kiddo.  And how about Jo Schwaiger’s 589 series in the Sports Widows Monday night with her 166 average.  That’s a robust 91 pins over.  The Splitzter bows to the gals.