Splitzter - November 28, 2003

  So much to say…. So little time… Last call this weekend for team captains to get their Ohio State Men’s Tournament entry blanks to either squad organizer Pat Yocom or River City. Make sure both the entry form and the local form are filled out complete. Oh, and make sure the money is with the entry.

Now here’s a name you don’t associate with shooting a big score, Tom Soper. Tom averaged 195 last season on the Saturday Country Aces league. He’s been floating around 196 this year but gave the numbers a big kick in the pants Saturday. He started decently with a 211 but added games of 256-246 to finish a very nice 713 series. This gave Tom an average of 205 going into next week. Nice shooting, Thomas. Now let’s see if you can keep that puppy above deuce this season.

I’ll get this in early. I was proud of the way my Buckeyes played at the “Big House” last Saturday. Sure, I was disgusted with the poor tackling in the first quarter but Navarre was throwing perfect balls to fast receivers and I don’t think the

Philadelphia Eagles could have defended those plays. After the opening debacle left the Bucks down 21, if you’d have told me we would be down 7 in the third quarter AND had the ball… well… I’d be asking how many adult beverages you had consumed.

Those guys in blue (I can’t bear say the name) are a very, very good football team. Better than my guys, I’m afraid. The best team won. I’d have loved to had seen what McMullen could have done (like Penn State) if he had been given the opportunity to finish the game. But, we’ll never know and I’m not about to second guess a coach like Tressel who has been right 97.4 percent of the time. Whew, I had to get that off my chest. Okay… back to work.

Sherri Beck and Janice Carpenter share the “That One Game Killed Me-Skirt Division” award this week. Janice was putting together a very solid evening Tuesday in the Walter’s Collision League. Starting with a 226 game that featured finishing with the last six strikes, Janice threw seven of the first nine in game two. A chop on the 2-4-5 left her at 235 in game two. Coming out in game three with open-split the first two frames pretty much killed the evening’s fun. The final 151 tally still left her at 612 but I’m sure it was painful to swallow. I hate it when that happens. Not that I’ve ever done something like that. ( Yeah, I know. A legend in my own mind. )

Sherri went at it a different way. She started slow with a 178 score in Thursday’s Napoleon Party Mart Classic. A 224 second game with a three bagger and a five bagger got the ball rolling. Game three saw no opens, for once, and a three bagger-four bagger combo propelled her to a solid 239 finish. My $4.00 calculator gives me a 641 tally on series, high for the gals this week. There’s no doubt in my mind what the difference was. Tami Bombick slipped Sherri a piece of birthday cake that night. You put cake with the “fruit punch” and that will do it every time.

The dudes had six 700s last week with Mike “Hammer” Cramer leading the way with 728 on scores of 279-257-192 in the Hernandez Classic. Emilio Mora, Sr clocked in second at 722 with a 253-248-221 set. Tom Soper’s 713 was third and our old buddy “Geritol” Bill Botjer posted a 712. Randy Schwaiger and J J Westhoven finished last week’s scoring with 706 and 702 respectively.