Splitzter - December 5, 2002

  Just when you thought it was safe to read the newspaper again, that mean olí Splitzer rears his ugly head.  Eggman had some pressing duties this week, so the previous caretaker of this column decided to take the reigns for a guest appearance.  Rumor has that Eggman is spending the week hunting for the person that posted those derogatory comments on the Bowl-Tech website.  Good luck finding him, Egg.  That guy needs to be taught a lesson.

            Last week, River City saw numerous local guys celebrate the holiday with fine performances on the lanes.  The Hernandez Insurance Classic saw eight 700ís Wednesday night.  Game 2 turned out to be the most eventful one in recent memory.  On lane2 1&2 Rick Caudill started the carnage with a sweet 300 game.  Bowling in the 4 spot, right behind Rick was the Eggman.  Would you believe it? The EggDude tossed 12 (somewhat) solid strikes and turned in a rare back-to-back treat (and now he takes a week off from his writing duties?  I smell a rat).  Dueling perfectos.  Meanwhile, on lanes 7&8, Mike Schmidlin was putting together his own masterpiece.  Finally, on lanes 5&6, Dan Hall was gunning to join the party.  A solid 10 pin on ball number 12 left Dan one pin short at 299.   In the long run, Dan had the last laugh as he finished off the night with another in game 3.  His 275 along with his 226 first game put him at the top of the heap with an 800 series.  Dan had a 300 earlier in the season, and now has another ring to go with it.  Even yours truly had a decent night Wednesday.  After taking 10 weeks off for knee surgery, I made my return.  I got off to a slow start (I swear that five pin was off-spot), but managed to win all 3 of my match points.  My reward? I get to bowl Rick Caudill this week.  Hopefully he and Eggman got this stuff out of their systems.  Congrats guys!

            In other news, entries for the Henry County Menís Tournament are available.  With added sponsors this year, prize money should be the best ever.  Hamler Lanes houses the team event in February while River City will play host to the singles and doubles events in March.

            Speaking of tournament entries, how many of you guys havenít turned in your state tournament forms yet?  Check the dates they were due (notice I said were).  If you get shut out, youíll have no one to blame but yourselves.  It will be a great time this year as always.

            Well friends, my time is up this week.  Actually, itís not my time.  Itís Eggmanís time.  Unfortunately, Eggmanís time isnít worth much.  Until next time, this is the Splitzer signing off.