Splitzter - December 19, 2002

  How does that saying go again?  Some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you? And for a new twist sometimes that old bear gets you twice.  Brent Steele started his Monday night league in typical Brent Steele fashion.  He shows up with just enough time to throw on his bowling shoes, check to make sure the ball in his bag was his after running out after league the previous week, tell his troubled team captain he’s in the building then throw his ball with no practice.  <sigh>  Typical Brent.  His resulting game 1 score was 159.  Just a bit low for his 199 average.  Game 2 was a whole new ballgame, however, as the pins started flying.  I didn’t have a chance to see Brent’s final frame but I heard the roar from the multitudes as our tardy hero threw his final strike of the game to give him River City’s twelfth 300 of the 2002-2003 season.  The bear returned in game 3 for ol’ Brent with a finishing 182 score which puts him in an elite class: He scored a 600 series (641) and never shot a 200 game.  Nice game, buddy.

            I was corrected this week on an error regarding the first 300 stroked by a lady kegler in Henry County.  It definitely took an old timer to remember Marlene Rettig’s 300 in Holgate in that distant year of 1967.  I guess Marlene was the Mrs. Zoomer of the 60’s.  She averaged around 180 in an era where high series’ in the county were rarely of the 700 variety.  Shoot, come to think of it, Marlene beat Junior Mohler’s 300 by 3 years.  His came in 1970.  Now THAT’S ancient.  Thanks Boxer for the info. 

            Hats off to Jan Creager in the morning Rolling Pin league.  She picked up the dreaded 4-6-7-10 split last week.  No easy feat to be sure.  Shots like that are fun to watch and I’d have paid a buck and a quarter to have seen it.

            How ‘bout that Teresa Sonnenberg.  She beats hubby Denny like a rented goalie in the Sunday Afternoon Nappers league 236-225 then comes back Tuesday in the Wendt Shoes ladies league and shoots 198-231 her final 2 games of the week.  Oh.. did I mention that Teresa’s average WAS 162.  Atta girl, Mrs S.

            Let me see if I can remember how Deb Gallagher put this to me this week.  “The full moon is out.” she says after shooting her first 200 in 5 years Saturday night.  Then Tuesday rolls around and he duplicates the scoring miracle again in her last game.  Both 200’s right on the nose.

            Top honors for high series this week (in typical Splitzter no fluff fashion): Jeff Lesinski-789 Hernendez Insurance Classic; Chad “I’m not Dad” Schwaiger-768; Scott Helberg-762 both in the N R & G Mens.  Karen Zumfelde-313 Napoleon Party Mart Classic; Sherri Beck-608 Napoleon Party Mart Classic; Vicky Delventhal-592 Sat. Nite Mixed.

            Top 3 games: Brent’s 300; Jeff Lesinski-289 Hernandez Insurance Classic; David Booth-288 Kurtz Hardware League.  Janice Carpenter-237 Walter’s Collision ; Teresa Sonnenberg-236 Sunday Nappers; Linda Kinder-232 Wendt Shoes.

            A VERY Merry Christmas to one and all next week.  Young Tim from “A Christmas Carol” puts it best, “God bless us , everyone.”