Splitzter - December 19, 2003

  ItIt pains me to say this… Andy Phillips shot another 300. Why do I wince in pain as my fingers complete that sentence? Because it was against our team on a night where we were tied with Andy’s boys for first place going into the night. This 300 game was huge. Their lead-off bowler had to leave due to a family emergency and our team had finally beat them, one bowler short, for the first time all season in game two. With the danger of losing first place on the horizon, Andy stepped up to the plate and stroked his three at a crucial time. Those are the ones you remember.

Andy was piecing together a pretty solid night before the award score with games of 236-225. Then the thunder struck and he couldn’t miss. The turkey. Pocket shots carried. Light shots carried. Heavy shots carried. He had the magic and the ball was rolling great. It probably helped that he was bowling the Hammer that night and to put it bluntly, he owns him. He averages 238 against Mike so all the factors were in place. His 761 is his high series for the year but why, oh why, couldn’t he have waited a week? <sigh> The turkey. Nice shooting, buddy.

Here’s a fun one. How do you shoot a 767 series and get beat two out of three games? Ask Chad Schwaiger. Bowling in the lead-off spot for Clare’s Pro Shop Wednesday night, Chad started his evening with a 279 game besting Scott Lange’s 216 by what, a million pins? Now you have to know Scotty’s mentality. I say he’s un-flappable. Nothing bothers him. Others will argue that he’s too dense to know when he’s getting creamed. They may be right but I’ll accept my judgement for now. He beats on me regularly so I’ll say he’s un-flappable. Anyway, ol’ Scotty pops a 235 in game two and beats Sir Chadwick’s 220 game. Then the fireworks begin. Scotty matches Chad strike for strike in game three and pulls out a well earned victory with a 279 to Chad’s 268. Great match and congrats Scott for your 730 series. Next time bowl Hoops, Chad. It only takes 567 to beat him.

High series for the week goes to Bruce ”Hand of Thor” Engler with an awesome 783 set. Bruce started solid with scores of 257-237 then finished with a superb 289 game. That would have been fun to watch. Bruce has that five foot right arm so there’s a lot of “stuff” on the ball when he’s in the groove. It’s a good thing he’s tall or his knuckles would drag on the ground when he walks. Come to think of it, they may. I think we face him in two weeks so let’s hope he got it out of his system.

Here’s a new name for the column. A Lesinski had a big night last week and it wasn’t Jeff, it was Debby, the real bowler of the family. Debby led the ladies in series this past week with her 611 in the Party Mart Classic. She’s been struggling a bit this season while averaging 157 but showed her Toledo form with games of 200-186-225. Afterwards she commented on how the shot seemed just like the old Lido Lanes pattern she knew so well. I can’t comment to that other than to say whatever it takes, Debby, whatever it takes. Nice shooting, gal.

High games for the ladies last week saw Debby’s 225, Janet Franz’s 225 and Sherri Beck tied with Shirley Perez, both with 222. Debby had the only six for the gals while Marilyn Horner grabbing the number two spot with her 592.

The fellas had fourteen, yes, fourteen 700’s last week following a week where five were shot. Here we go: Bruce’s 783, Chad’s 767, Andy’s 761, Scott Helberg-757, Mike Schmidlin-743, Scott Lange-730, Bob Cannon-721, Tony “Bunman” Adams-718, Barry Rosebrook-718, Shand Bofia-718, John McClure-714, Matt Buehrer-714, Rick Riebesel-710, Jim Pixley-704.

Have a very Merry Christmas bowling fans. I hope Santa brings you that very special ball that, like Andy’s, carries everything. The turkey.