Splitzter - December 26, 2002

  Wow, what a week.  Christmas comes on but one day but thanks to the wives and mothers around the county, the Christmas holiday eating season lasts a full week in the bowling centers.  Guys, take the time to thank that special someone in your life who slaves in the kitchen this time of year to make our holiday so special.  I think I gained 10 pounds with all the league potluck spreads.  I remember years ago when I bowled in a mens’ league that attempted their first seasonal potluck… 57 bags of potato chips and one meat tray. <grin> Smooches ladies.

            Santa was good a week early to 2 of our local brethren as Mike Cramer and Rick Caudill tossed their third and second 300’s of the bowling season, respectively.  Rick accomplished his second perfecto in the Hernandez Insurance Classic Wednesday night after posting scores of 212-247 out of the blocks.  His 300 score gave him a very nice 759 series and raised his league average into the 220 stratosphere range.

            Mike’s big game came in game two on Thursday night’s Woods Auto league.  Starting with a mere 176, buddy Mike found the line with his third 300 of the season and followed it with a 258 for a solid 734 series.  Not bad after his sluggish start.  Congrats fellas.  Keep ‘er going.

            Karen Zumfelde (aka: Mrs. Zoomer) is getting her high game stroke back in posting a 278 game on Thursday’s Napoleon Party Mart league.  She sandwiched her biggie between 182-190 scores and finished with her eighth 600 plus series of the league with a 650.  That night’s work bumped her county leading average to 201 at the halfway point of the year.  Nice shooting, Karen.

            High series awards for the week starts with Andy Phillips scoring his second 772 of the season and nabs the top spot.  Clare Valley cruised into the second slot with his 768.  It’s good to see nice guy Clare back on his game again.  Garnering the third spot was Rick Caudill’s 759.

            High game for the fellas obviously was shared by Rick and Mike but Mr. Cramer also took third spot honors with a 280 score from his previous night’s endeavors.

            High ladies series for the week went to Mrs. Zoomer with her 650.  The second & third high cudos went to Marsha Brandt and Candy Altherr with their matching 627 series’.  Karen took the high game for the week with her 278 while Candy nabbed second place with a 247 score.  Marsha pulled into the third hole with a 246 score.

            Next week I’ll take a bit of a break from the high scores reporting and compile a recap of the first half’s numbers, sort of a this season’s best article.  In the meantime, I’m stuffed…. time for a nap.