These first 3 pictures are a panoramic view of lanes 1 thru 24.  Let me fill you in on a bit of "bowling" detail here.  Bowling lanes, after the wear and tear of a regular bowling season, need maintenence.  A typical lane has layers of wood and urethane finish.  You have the wood, then 2 layers of "base-coat" that is pretty hard stuff.  On top of that there's a layer called the "top-coat".  This top-coat layer is what takes the abuse of the ball track being formed with many-many balls rolling across it.  The purpose of lane oil, aside from what was discovered years ago in reference to putting out a shot, is to keep the friction between ball and top-coat to a minimum so the top-coat lasts.


There are 2 procedures that are done in the Summer to get the lanes ready for Fall season.  One is a "cut" and the other is a "screen".  These are done on alternating years.  Last season we did a screen.  This is basically where the top-coat is removed with a sander and re-applied.  A "cut" is where the sander removes all 3 coats and gets the lanes down to bare wood.  This is what is being done now.  When a cut is completed, the lanes look about as good as they ever will be.  You'll see pics of this around Wednesday after Arnie and Mark pull the finishes Tuesday and give it overnight to dry. 
Matt Buehrer finishing off the last of the "de-hanging" of the old monitors.
The scaffolding Matt brought in really helps the job get done.  Notice the old stuff on the floor.  Take a good look.  It'll be gone soon enough.
Here's a close up of the new tv's in their brackets.  The old monitors were 23 inches diagonal, these are 27.  Woo-Hoo.  Even Lenny will be able to read 'em.  Next Monday, the guru John Mayberry who originally installed River City some 25 years ago will be in the building to help us "communicate" with the new stuff.
The lanes after Arnie and Mark have done their magic.  Will they score??? <grin> probably.  All I know is they sure do look pretty just after refinishing.
Oooh... How nice and white they look when they're new.  This is just past the arrows.
Here's looking down the heads.  Pay no attention to the orange smear at the above-left side of the picture.  I can't take 3 consecutive photos without one finger making it into at least one shot <sigh>.  Amateurs....
Most all the monitors are up.  We're waiting on a couple of brackets to come in to finish.
Here's a head-on shot of the new scoring beauties.  Maybe as soon as Tuesday we'll have 'em showing scoring and stuff.  Cool !!!
The last of the series.....  Eggman's playing with the graphics to see what works and what doesn't.  Those new screens sure are pretty.  Most everything works the same as it always did off the keypads.  There's a couple of new, cool features we'll show everyone once we get things swinging.